There is no shortcut to quality.


Proud to be a grain-to-glass distillery

But what does that mean?  To practice grain-to-glass distilling means we control the entire process of production from sourcing the raw grain all the way through to distillation and bottling.  We produce all of our spirits in small batches to ensure the end result is of the highest quality.

the process


We source our grains right here in Wisconsin, about an hour north of the distillery.  Building strong relationships with regional farmers not only produces exceptional spirits, but also strengthens our local economy.  

The next steps

After fermenting our base alcohol from either local grains or grapes, we proceed to distilling it into purified alcohol.  In the case of brandy or bourbon, our spirits will be aged in oak barrels.  Vodka and gin are ready for bottling right after distillation.

finishing touches

Final touches for each product include filtering, bottling and labeling.  Our Craftsman label was designed by an area graphic artist…keeping with our philosophy of using locally sourced products.

We hope this provides a framework for what grain-to-glass distilling is all about.  When you purchase a River Bend product, be it wine or spirits, you can always be assured it was produced with integrity and authenticity.  There is, after all, no shortcut to quality.